What is OOLSR ?

OOLSR is a complete re-implementation of OLSR in the C++ language, plus various tools.

It is developped by team Hipercom at INRIA.

OLSR itself is a routing protocol designed for wireless ad-hoc networks, and being proposed at the MANET working group of the IETF ; more information on it is available on the OLSR page

What are its features ?

Current version is fully compliant with RFC 3626 (the OLSR routing protocol RFC), and supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
Current implementation supports Linux and Windows (IPv4 for Windows: native Windows 2000/XP support, cygwin support, native Windows CE ARM support).
Current implementation can also be run in NS 2
It was successfully tested against other implementations at the 1st OLSR interop on August 6-7, 2004.
The code has been successfully tested also in simulations with hundreds of nodes.


This software is distributed under the GPL license.

Related publications

You can find here some publications at the origin of OLSR and this software.

Last modification: Nov 2004